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Solavei has a modo they live by…”A Single Relationship has the Potential to Make Life Better For Many.”  At, this is vitally important for your new revenue stream.  Understanding how you can now impact the lives of your customers through Solavei will dramatically effect your bottom line.

You now have the ability to empower your customers to share a Mobile Phone Network and you will make a RESIDUAL income off of the activations.  What does RESIDUAL mean to you? It means you don’t have to worry about what if the customer moves out of town or can’t come in to pay their bill….you will keep making money.  The customer can pay online or at any Money Network location (such as Wal-Mart) and you will always make your MONTHLY RESIDUAL MONEY.

Solavei gives you the opportunity of making money in THREE ways…

1)  Every Month You Will Make $20 For Every Three Customers You Have EVER ACTIVATED.  Gone are the days of only making up front activation pay and hoping the customer comes back into your store to make their phone payment.  With you can now make RESIDUAL money from customers you enrolled months ago.

2) Every Month You Will Make $20 For Every Three People Your Customers Activate.  You now have the ability to empower your customers to refer your network.  This is a game changer!!  No other phone service incorporates SOCIAL COMMERCE like Solavei.  No other phone service pays you for interactions that your customers have on a daily basis.  Lets say one of them signs on at your store and they share the service with a friend on Twitter and one on Facebook and a neighbor down the street…when they sign on you will make $20 a month and you didn’t even do anything except offer the service to your customers.

3) Every Month You Will Make Residual Bonus Off of Your Entire Network of Phone Users.  As your customers keep sharing about Solavei you will keep making money!!!  Each account you have can make $20,000 a month and we can set you up with multiple accounts.  So imagine in a couple of years from now you will be making $20,000 or $40,000 or $60,000 a month all from one of your cell phone carriers.

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