Mark Zuckerberg Social Commerce


It’s rare that a new category of company begins.

I believe Solavei is one of those companies. They have a tag line, “Making Millions of Thousandaires!”, and I believe that’s the real power of this company. They are focused on many people doing a little.

They are focused on the natural behaviors of ordinary individuals rather than the rare behavior of a few networking superstars.

The sweet spot.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s performance at the recent TechCrush event was remarkable for several reasons. First, the general ire and angst in the financial press over the less than stellar Facebook IPO seems to have subsided, giving Mr. Zuckerberg some breathing room to answer questions other than, “Why did the IPO fail ?”.

Zuckerberg says that mobile is everything, and it will surpass the desktop as far as future ad revenue.

“We’re going to execute this mission to make the world connected and build value over the long-term. The bigger question that will define how we’ve done is how we do with mobile.”, Zuckerberg said.

Yes, mobile is the big question mark for Facebook, as a lot of its nearly one billion users are either using the mobile version on the web, or native apps on iOS and Android. Zuckerberg says that people are consuming twice as many feed stories since the update to the new iOS app, which is a great sign.

Mark Zuckerberg continued, “My question on ads are that if people aren’t clicking banners and promoted stories on Facebook right now, why would they do so on their mobile device, which has a ridiculously smaller and more focused screen and experience?”.

And Zuckerberg explained, “By dabbling with inserting ads in the news feed, there’s a real chance of upsetting the user happiness apple cart, which is the last thing that Facebook needs right now. There has to be a way though, and if mobile is the money maker, then that way better come soon.”

Important was the pronouncement by Mr. Zuckerberg that, “We are now a Mobile Company!”. You can see the implications for Solavei and all other providers of Mobile hardware and services.

It’s the equivalent of the “Starting Gun” for the industry of Social Commerce … and Solavei is at the Forefront !

Join Me ! …