Saving with Solavei


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ever heard that before? Its a belief that if ur in a tough agonizing time then you have to dramatically change something in your life in order to get out of the mess you are in. While this is true in many areas of life it is not a “fix all” for every situation. What if you could simply switch your mobile phone carrier and it saved you $50 a month. Then you took that $50 and applied it to credit card debt. That would help alleviate an unnecessary expense and begin to relieve the slavery that debt has on you. Now, what if you told your story to a couple people and they wanted to do the same thing? Not only are you impacting your future but also someone else’s future. And what if you we able to get paid every month for helping some others save money? That is the power of Solavei….save money, help others save money and make money!!! Get started at