Solavei Bring Your Own Phone


Solavei Bring Your Own Phone

No Need to buy a new phone! Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) Just add a Solavei SIM card to an unlocked GSM phone—whether it’s the latest model or an old favorite Get the value of our $49 Nationwide 4G Unlimited Voice, Text and Data rate plan when you bring your own phone Pay no out-of-pocket costs for a new phone It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to activate . . .

Step 1: Check your phone Follow this simple process to see if your phone will work on the Solavei mobile network. Get your IMEI number Type *#06# into your phone to get your phone IMEI – just as if you were making a phone call If no number appears – your phone is not compatible Enter your IMEI into the Prequalify Your Phone tool. (During the Solavei Mobile Service enrollment process) Response will let you know if your phone is compatible with the Solavei service.

Step 2: Complete Sign-up Process Solavei Mobile service provides 4G Nationwide Unlimited Voice, Text and Data for $49 a month. Purchase your Solavei SIM Card for $29 and pay your one-time Membership Enrollment Fee of $49.

Step 3: Receive your SIM Card We’ll send you the appropriate ready-to-use SIM card for your device in the mail. Then follow the easy steps provided in the sign-up confirmation email.