Solavei Compensation Plan Path Bonus


Solavei Compensation Plan Path Bonus

Solavei Compensation Plan – One Time Path Bonuses

Ok, this is sweet.  There is $37,500 in bonus money available to each and every one of us!  Woo Hoo!  These bonuses are paid one time, and are tied to the rank bands we saw in the graphic in my compensation post, Part 3 – Path Pay.

Solavei Path Bonus

Solavei Path Bonus

Here is the bonus schedule.

12 network trios = $500 bonus (Connector 1)

100 network trios = $2,000 bonus (Networker 1)

800 network trios = $5,000 bonus (Director 1)

1500 network trios = $10,000 bonus (Executive 1)

2000 network trios = $20,000 bonus (Executive 3)


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The Path Pay Bonuses are simple and straight forward to understand.  Let’s go get ‘em!!

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