Solavei Compensation Trio Pay


Solavei Compensation Trio Pay

Solavei Compensation Plan – Trio Pay (the unlimited frontier)

In the post related to Solavei’s Fast Action Bonuses, I covered in detail what makes up a Trio.  You should start there, so that this post will make sense.

If you’ve already got that concept down, read on!

The first and best thing to know about Trio Pay is that it is unlimited.  That’s right.  Unlimited. The next thing to know is that Trio pay relates JUST to your personal network.  Well..what does personal network mean?  Your personal network includes both the people you sponsor (1st degree) and the people sponsored by your 1st degree folks.  So essentially, your personal network includes 2 degrees of folks, the folks you bring in, and the next immediate group of folks.  That’s it.  Two degrees of folks.  That’s your personal network.

Solavei Personal Network

Solavei Personal Network

Trio Pay is $20 a month for each Trio in your personal network. So…

1 personal network trio would pay you $20 a month

2 personal network trios would pay you $40 a month

3 personal network trios would pay you $60 a month **

4 personal network trios would pay you $80 a month

20 personal network trios would pay you $400 a month

** Note that with only 3 trios, you earn enough to pay for your cell phone service.

3 trios = FREE!

Solavei Trio Pay

Solavei Trio Pay


So get out there and share, share, share!!  Oh, but you need to join first…so come on!  You’re worth it!

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