Solavei vs other MLM


One of the things I see in multiple mlm businesses is that someone in them must continue to buy product to keep on hand. They call this auto ship or having a minimum PV or BV. That always confused me when I looked at other businesses. I was told I had to order over priced vitamins or some shake every month even if I didn’t need it. While in the long run if your making thousands a month from $300 worth of vitamins then it doesn’t matter. However if you are struggling to produce early in your business then $300 a month would be difficult to swallow. Which is why I have heard from multiple people that they tried some mlm or multi level marketing company and it didn’t work. This means their expenses continued to outweigh their income and they made the right decision to quit. If mlm or direct sales style of business is a 30 billion dollar industry then the key is to find one that you won’t loose money on. If you were already using the type of product that you were selling then you wouldn’t be incorporating any new expenses to your lifestyle. How many of you use a cell phone? How many of you pay more then $49 a month for unlimited talk, text and data?  If the average cell phone bill is $70 and the average iPhone bill is over $100 then I’m guessing you pay more then $49. What if you could save money on your cell phone bill and start a new revenue stream that could generate you thousands every month? Would you like that?  Of course you would. That is what Solavei does for you. Solavei offers a $49 plan that pays its members for marketing their business. When you become a member you are empowered to shared and get paid. You can share with friends and family just like other mlm’s. However there is a new approach to sharing that incorporates social medias like Facebook or twitter. This is called social commerce. In a nut shell social commerce is is making money online by using social media. With Solavei you can share online and make residual regular monthly income every month from people you have helped save money on their cell phone plan. Isn’t that great!!! Find out more at 49CellPhone or begin your new business by choosing Solavei